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Originally founded in New York by an alliance of oncologists as a non-profit supplier of high quality hair prosthetics to radiation and chemotherapy patients, SalonLabs has evolved into a leading Indian hair extensions manufacturer-wholesale supplier.

Superior Quality

We understand that hair genetics and hair care define the inherent quality of human hair. Importantly, contrary to popular belief, damage from chemicals, coloring, and heat drying is essentially irreparable. Our Indian procurement department works with temples and other reputed suppliers to procure the highest grade Indian virgin source hair, which cannot be matched in luster, body, versatility, and durability anywhere else on the globe (i.e. China, Brazil, Europe).

Superior Processing

Microscopically, the hair sourced by SalonLabs demonstrates relatively undamaged cuticles (coating), which proves as a key factor in determining the quality of all of our finished products. SalonLabs applies a conditioning finish to lock in our quality in a protective environment to ensure our clients the ultimate in human hair extensions.

Lowest Price by Sourcing Direct

SalonLabs is distinguished from the other Indian exporters by both our 16,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India and our United States distribution centers, allowing us to supply both eastern and western hemisphere retailers directly, at the same wholesale rates, and with hair which is definitively from India.

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Why Choose SalonLabs?

SalonLabs exclusively serves licensed stylists and salons seeking the highest quality human hair in the world. Individual extensions consumers must contact their personal stylist or salon to access our hair.

  • Superior Quality
  • Superior Processing
  • Lowest Price
  • Bulk Rate Discounts
  • 100% Indian Virgin Hair
  • Customer Satisfaction Guranteed!

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